Use GCP to work on Clickhouse, Medplum, VDP, CloudQuery, Nebuly, Lightdash, Pulumi and ClearML. 8 remote and in-office devops, full-stack, backend and leadership jobs are currently available in MontréalMontréal, Canada, San FranciscoSan Francisco, California, United States (3h time difference), SeattleSeattle, Washington, United States (3h time difference), Palo AltoPalo Alto, California, United States (3h time difference), AmsterdamAmsterdam, Netherlands (6h time difference) and Tel AvivTel Aviv, Israel (7h time difference).

GCP (Google Cloud Platform) is a suite of cloud computing services offered by Google that includes computing, storage, data analytics, machine learning, and other tools for building and deploying applications and services on a cloud infrastructure. GCP provides a scalable and flexible environment for running applications and services, with a range of tools and services that enable developers to easily build, deploy, and manage their applications in the cloud. Some popular services provided by GCP include Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Storage, Google BigQuery, and Google Kubernetes Engine.