Use TypeScript to work on Carto, Clickhouse, Nango, Svix, Nakama, Medplum, Tableland,, Lightdash and Highlight. 15+ remote and in-office backend, full-stack, frontend, blockchain and leadership jobs are currently available in New York CityNew York City, New York, United States, AustinAustin, Texas, United States (1h time difference), San FranciscoSan Francisco, California, United States (3h time difference), SeattleSeattle, Washington, United States (3h time difference), Palo AltoPalo Alto, California, United States (3h time difference), LondonLondon, United Kingdom (5h time difference), MadridMadrid, Spain (6h time difference), AmsterdamAmsterdam, Netherlands (6h time difference) and SevillaSevilla, Spain (6h time difference).

TypeScript is a strongly typed superset of JavaScript that adds optional static type checking to the language. It is designed to help developers write more robust and maintainable code by catching errors at compile time instead of at runtime. It also adds new features to JavaScript, such as classes, interfaces, and generics, that make it easier to write large-scale applications.